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Discover our know-how: Pilot an information system as flexible as your event.

Who are we ?

After succesfully delivering over ten years, software and database for major sport events inside HBS (3 Soccers World Cups, 2 Asian Games, 1 Eurocup and many smaller events), Stephan TOTH founded Kosmogo in 2012 and became supplier for the 2014 Brasil Soccer World Cup.

Kosmogo brings to the market twelve years of exclusive experience for delivering database and web applications for world class events.

Our know-how covers a large spectrum including project management, business knowledge and technical expertise. We have developed and adapted methods and technologies to address the specific requirements of this industry (we reached 100% uptime during all the events in the last 12 years).

Since the last 2 Soccer World Cups, we have worked with our parner in Shanghai to bring talented men and women who have aquired experience in our field.

A global approach

Our goal is to deliver naturally the required information to the proper person at the proper time, out of a common, shared and reliable data source.

We service you with technology without creating contrains on your organisation.

An efficient and cost effective method.

The biggest value brought by our databases is the immense improvement in reliability of crital information for your organisation. This could mean saving valuable moments like before the kick-off that otherwise would never be recovered. For instance, if you try and book ten hotel rooms at the last moment you will find everything is overbooked with overworked staff and will cost you significantly more than ten rooms booked monthes in advance.

the silicon valley empowers you

We are using open source technologies used by the most visited and dynamic web sites in the world. Here are some of the technologies we use Linux, Posgresql, Ruby on Rails, Javascript and here are some of the methodologies we use Scrum, Redmine, Git, Capistrano.
We take complete responsibility from the server setup and management to the code writing, deployment and support.

The secret: Short feed back loop

The key of our successes resides in our ability to deliver with very short cycles. For a simple request, the cycle can be reduced down to fifteen minutes between the specific requirements and the availbility on the production system. Nothing can replace your feed back when reviewing, experimenting and reacting on the system step by step. All the methods and technolgies are designed and assembled to allow this fast feed back loop.
The huge secondary benefit from our organisation: we are able to respond to last minute unexpected changes within record time.

Products & services

Booking software

Manage relations with broadcasters.

Our booking software, is exclusively for host broadcasters. It manages customers/TV stations, tournament information, rate card, resource allocation, order processing, operational instructions, invoicing and various reports are available. This software contributes to a clear and stuctured communication with the broadcasters covering the event and is a must for any host broadcasting activities. It is based on a web interface and a central database with real time accurate information being available to anyone needing it.

Logistics software for sport and other events.

Keep track of all your staff logictics.

Our logistics software is especially designed for improving efficiency of large scale events - any kind of events that are over 2,000 participants. It manages the registration, transportation, accommodation, accreditation of all staff and invitees throughout the tournament and the event - extensive reporting is also included.


Document management for SOHO.

Initially developed for internal use, pme-paperbox allows to digitalise all documents of the company and store them in a database. It's invaluable for document search and preparing the elements required by your accountant. A module is designed to read your bank record and match them with the documents previsouly digitalized ensuring a perfectly clear document management.

development services

Any business software.

«the software factory» and the rapid development methods that we have polished allows us to deliver business software on demand. We are experienced in listening to business needs and shaping them into a project within a budget and deadline. We deliver according to the plan and focus on customer satisfaction. Feel free to give us a call anytime, all requests are welcome and taken care of.

The events that benefited from our expertise

At Kosmogo, French, English, Spanish,
Chinese and Chti are fluently spoken.


Kosmogo's Owner

Stephan TOTH (Owner) has 24 years of experiences in software for businesses.
He has an engineering degree from ENSMM (Besançon - France) and is an alumni of Kansas University. He has spent the last ten years providing reliable and flexible systems to support the organisation of major international sport events. He is skilled at hearing a customer's need and at making all technical parts of a system, hardware, database, network and application work in harmony to simplify the complexity of the customer's business.


Kosmogo's lead developer

Yacine Petitprez is Kosmogo's lead developer. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and has already created a company developing video games. He is passionate about building outstanding products for the web. He is enthusiastic about working with our Chinese partners at Ekohe and loves to visit them in Shanghai.


Kosmogo's buddies

Since the last two World Cups, we can count on Ekohe.